The Workshop by TBK Bank provides the tools, knowledge, and connections to foster a community of creation, innovation, and success.

A community makerspace in the heart of Dallas, The Workshop features a Metalshop, Woodshop, Innovation Lab, Coworking Loft, and Collaboration Areas.  Professional educators teach tool-use and safety classes and staff members are available to answer questions. The facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to hobbyists, entrepreneurs, students, and those learning trade skills. Full access requires a Membership, but there are numerous special events and classes each month that are open to the public. While the equipment is state of the art and the industrial-chic facility is top-notch, the heart behind it all is what matters most. TBK Bank established The Workshop as a way to serve the city of Dallas by providing adult building trade education, hosting camps that expose young people to new opportunities, and establishing partnerships with nonprofits that allow the bank to reach beyond the walls of The Workshop. This makerspace is unique because although many things are made at The Workshop, the most important thing created is a positive impact on the community.