The tools and equipment at The Workshop allow people to turn their hobbies into small businesses. Promising entrepreneurs sometimes need support to turn their dreams into reality. From additional training on machines and supply guidance to mentorship and help with business development, The Workshop’s staff is available to help.

Success Stories

“The TBK Workshop has given me a platform to actually begin to realize my business as a furniture maker. Cody has been consistently generous with the space and its ample tools and resources, and even shared his personal time and advice time and again. It’s been a safe place to start my business and put down roots, knowing I have consistent access to the tools and space I need, as well as affordable overhead with plenty of perks for officing needs when I’m in between building projects. Also, I am so grateful to be able to teach classes, which not only sharpen my skills but help me enrich others with my gifts. I’m nothing but grateful for all that the TBK Workshop has generously offered me.”

- Ryan Glenn, Fervent Craft